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Combine PDF files

Why Choose PDF Combine?

CombinbePDFarrowYou may combine any number of PDF files. Unlike other PDF merging utilities PDF Combine combines very large PDF documents with ease.

CombinbePDFarrowPDF Combine does not require expensive Adobe solutions installed.

CombinbePDFarrowPDF Combine automatically creates table of Contents for your output PDF file. The names of the combined PDF files become bookmarks.

CombinbePDFarrowYou can create your own bookmarks. Just make a file with the desired bookmarks and PDF combine will do the rest.

CombinbePDFarrowPDF Combine has full command line support. You do not have to pay any extra charge for that.

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What's new in PDF Combine 1.5.83

1. Now you can combine PDF documents into one PDF file or separate files by folders. Thus combining 5 folders with many PDF files in each you get 5 multi-page PDF documents.

2. The new version allows adding headers and footers to the combined PDF file. You can add page numbers, current date or any text you need to the putput PDF.

PDF Combine is a great tool to merge several PDF files into one. Just take the PDFs and get one combined file ready for distribution in minutes. You are not limited to a number of files to be combined or their size. You may combine PDF documents via user interface as well as via command line.
Our clients say: "The tool is used as part of an automated system. All I needed was a program to concatenate all the PDF's in one directory and your PDFCombine does this well. I have not used the GUI version."
Steve Minns
IT Systems Developer / Administrator

An Easy Way To Combine PDF Files

As PDF format is a standard of office documents many people end up with hundreds of PDF files on the hard drive. To put them all in order one has to combine PDF files. It's quite easy and very beneficial if you use the right software.

Learn how to combine PDF files now.

Combine PDF Documents via Command Line

PDF Combine may combine PDF documents via user-friendly interface as well as via command line. The parameters are very simple and even a beginner will master them in minutes.

Find out how to combine PDF documents via command line.